Major projects

Due to the many years of experience of our team members, we are able to handle even large-scale projects. With the 3M DI-NOC™ films we can e.g. redesign entire building facades and thus emphasize your company headquarter. Here you will find a selection of our major projects.

Maersk Tower - Panum University Copenhagen

Location and installation

Copenhagen - Denmark, August 2020 (project period 4 weeks)


Reduce heat and UV radiation exposure in the stairwell and mezzanine

Used product

700 square meters of sun protection film (film: 3M ™ Prestige 70 Exterior) with industrial climbers

MyZeil Shopping Center

Location and installation

Frankfurt, April bis July 2019


Subsequent heat protection with the best possible heat reduction

Reduce heat development in the food court and lower air conditioning costs

Used product

2.300 qm² Sun protection film (3M™ Prestige 40 Exterior)

Nova Eventis

Location and installation

Leipzig, September 2019


Aluminum facade in need of renovation in the entrance areas

Long-term upgrading and inexpensive maintenance

Used product

500 qm² Surface finishing film (3M DI-NOC™ Exterior Wood look)



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