Sun protection film

Unprotected glass

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Glass with suitable sun protection film

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Sun protection film is available in different versions such as tint film and mirror film. Usually, sun protection film is applied on the outside surface of the glass which leads to the fact that the heat does not even penetrate the glass. The effect of this variant of window film is significantly higher than for other variants.

A sun protection film contributes to a pleasant room climate and provides reliable UV protection without changing the appearance of the building. The use of window film for sun protection also improves the building's CO2 balance. By reducing the heat development in buildings with sun protection film, you will not only increase the well-being of your employees and their productivity, but also reduce the need for cooling and thus lower your energy costs.

Advantages of sun protection film:

  • Reduction of energy costs for air conditioning
  • The view and daylight are preserved
  • Reduction of soil damage/ bleaching damage (UV protection)
  • Reduction of glare effects through even scattering
  • Better efficiency in the office caused by a pleasant climate
  • The appearance of the building is retained as no structural changes are necessary
  • High durability with guarantees of up to 15 years


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