Safety film

The use of splinter protection film is possible both on the inner pane or outer pane of buildings. Splinter protection film increases the resistance to impact and pressure, and creates a durable, scratch-resistant surface. Thus, the splinter protection film provides effective protection against vandalism and prevents flying glass splinters in the event of breakage.

Safety film consists of several extremely thin film layers and compared to splinter protection film, offers an even more effective protection against impacts and even explosions, despite absolute transparency. Both splinter protection film and safety film can easily be retrofitted with little effort and contribute to longer durability of glass panes due to their high abrasion resistance.

Advantages of safety film:

  • Simple Retrofitting
  • Protection against theft and burglary
  • Protection against personal injury and property damage
  • Little effort and acquisition costs
  • Improvement of the property in terms of security


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