Insulation film

The 3M Thinsulate™ climate protection window film is an insulating film. As a low-emission heat protection film, this thermal film for windows helps raising the thermal insulation value of typical single glazing almost to have the insulation effects of double glazed windows. The insulation of double glazed windows will be raised to the insulation effects of triple glazing. This thermal film is therefore suitable for achieving improved insulation performance even in listed buildings without changing the windows or their appearance.

A thermal film for windows keeps the warmth in the house in winter and protects against the heat in summer. In addition to noticeably increased comfort, an insulation film thus offers a cost-effective solution for improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

Advantages of insulation film:

  • Upgrading of real estate
  • Reduction of bleach damage
  • Increased comfort caused by a more pleasant climate
  • No visible changes of the window panes
  • Higher energy efficiency by reducing heat loss


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