Film label

Labels offer a variety of options for outdoor advertising or the implementation of company presentation and corporate design. Shop windows, vehicles and interior fittings can be given special graphic designs to create a good advertisement for your company. Numerous designs, individual graphics or your company logo can be integrated into functional elements such as privacy films. This combines the actual purpose with an optical highlight.

There are no limits to the design options for labelling - from displaying your company logo with opening times (as a cutting plot) on your shop window to designing the entire facade to match your corporate design. Even with vehicle labels, the options range from the simple representation of the logo to full wrapping.

Advantages of film labels:

  • Quick installation
  • Consistent presentation of the corporate design
  • Company logos can be applied almost anywhere
  • Simple exchange
  • Residue-free removal
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Ideal for offices, practice rooms, public transport vehicle and public facilities


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